Duration from Onset of Stroke to Index Episode of Physiotherapy Service


  • O.O Dada
  • T.O Banjo
  • J.O Adeleke


commencement of physiotherapy, time lag, onset of stroke


Timely institution of rehabilitation can enhance return of neurological functions. Physiotherapy is a major constituent of stroke rehabilitation. The aim of the study was to investigate the duration from onset of stroke to the first (index) physiotherapy intervention received by stroke survivors. A review of 147 stroke cases seen at the physiotherapy department of a tertiary hospital between 2019 and 2020 was carried out. Patient’s age, gender, highest education attainment, occupation, enrolment on National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), dates of onset of stroke and first physiotherapy intervention were documented. The duration (time lag) from date of onset of stroke and commencement of physiotherapy was computed. ANOVA, t-test and Pearson’s correlation tests were used to analyze the data. The mean duration from dates of onset of stroke and index physiotherapy session(time lag) was 13.7 ± 15.0 days (1–62 days). There was no significant difference between the time lag of male (12.3 ± 14.1 days) and female (15.0 ± 15.7 days) stroke survivors as well as patients on NHIS (22.3 ± 19.4 days) and those not on NHIS (13.3 ± 14.6 days) and among different level of education (p =0.76). Age was not significantly correlated with time lag (r =−0.11; p =0.19). The duration between onset of stroke and commencement of physiotherapy could be considered as late. There is a need for advocacy for early commencement of physiotherapy post-stroke.





Clinical and Translational Research