Dynamism in Biomedical Sciences and Health


  • A Mustapha
  • O.A Odunola
  • J Anetor


Translational research, Collaboration, Dynamism, Biomedical Science, Health Science


Translational science is a science involving multi-researchers from different fields of study approaching a research problem in a way that the output becomes holistic, and could be used in the development of the society at large. However, in developing nations, the knowledge of translational research is emerging. Hence, the aim of this commentary, is to highlight the dynamism of biomedical and health sciences towards translational solutions. The commentary focused on dynamism in biomedical sciences and health, concept of integrative research, transdisciplinary research in practice and integration of experimental knowledge in research methodologies. It also addresses the challenges of transdisciplinary research and introduces the steps to achieving dynamism in both sciences. Review had shown that biochemistry serves as an integrating point for the biomedical sciences and that various fields in the health sciences have their building blocks as fields in the biomedical sciences. Therefore, various fields in both biomedical and health sciences are linked together. As a result, the understanding and adoption of dynamics in biomedical and health sciences should encourage transdisciplinary research leading to holistic solution in health care practice. However, translational science is not a bed of roses, hence scientists must put in-view the various challenges such as difficulty in conceptualization of research ideas, communication of ideas and results, and even dissemination of research findings. Conclusively, it is worth noting that societal problems affecting health can only be solved when biomedical and health scientists work hand in hand.